Jim's Gym Bag

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Inspired by the founding father of Red Oxx Manufacturing Jim Markel Senior.

Jim Sr. served his first tour in Vietnam with the Army as a door gunner.  He then went officer candidate school and Special Forces training.  The next two tours was as Special Forces. When he joined the Marine Corps, they were just starting the Force RECON program. This is-or was, the Marines elite force.  It was during this time he went to rigger school.

After Jim Senior, Capt. Ret. completed his 20 years of military service, he decided to retire here in Billings, Montana.

A lifetime around parachutes included tours as a Jump Master, Parachute Rigger and S.F. Team Leader would contribute to the birth of the Oxx.

Along the way, he maintained a passion for fitness and decided to create and sell some unique gym workout accessories. Captain Markel’s skills as a Rigger came in handy when creating lifting straps and weight belts.

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The Perfect Gym Bag

“Thought about this bag design for years. How do I keep everything in the right spot and keep the dirties separated? Solution: The Jim Bag” — Jim Markel

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Innovative Pockets

The end pocket are designed For quick access. The Red Round Packing cube insert comes free with the Jim Bag. It can hold your entertainment devices, clean clothes or your dirties so they are separated from the rest of your gear. The right pocket included a sewn in Possibilities Pouch for quick water bottle access. The middle zippered pocket is 8" wide x 7" tall. Sized for small mobile devices, Gym membership cards and a wallet.

Main Compartment

Large main compartment is 18" long with a 12" diameter. Great for all your gear.

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